Saudi Arabia & Jeddah City

About Saudi Arabia:

Geographical Location:
located on the Far south-west of Asia (The Red Sea lies to its west, and the Gulf of Arabia lies to the northeast). Bordering countries: Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Connected to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway .

Saudi Arabia’s geography is dominated by the Arabian Desert and associated semi-desert and shrub land.

The Kingdom’s climate differs from one region to another due to its different terrain. In general, the kingdom’s climate is continental hot summer, cold winter, and its rainfall season is in winter.

Mineral Wealth:
The country’s wealth rely on natural gas and oil. Oil is considered as one of the most important resources: the production of oil is of 409.2 million tons, a stock of 36.2 billion tons, the production of natural gas is of 75.9 billion cubic meters, a stock of 7919 billion cubic meters.
Population growth and an increasingly young population estimated to reach 35.7 by 2020
The construction of 6 smart cities by 2025 valued at 412.5 billion SAR, increasing related infrastructure construction activities.

  • The Saudi government has always been actively concerned with growing the Saudi infrastructure. Indications show that this concern will remain at the forefront of Saudi decision making.
  • The government’s focus has increasingly turned to the housing shortage in Saudi Arabia, which is occurring as a result of the increasing growth in population.
  • The huge demand for construction services is evidenced by a large demand for cement and other building materials, as well as the number of ongoing and new projects in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, in order to meet this demand and keep the economy progressing, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry reports US$ 800 million in capitalization for the construction of three to four cement plants over the next three years.
  • Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a rapid economic expansion as it looks to develop its non-oil sectors. Infrastructure and Housing projects include Riyadh Metro, Makkah Metro, Jeddah Airport, Riyadh Airport, all that apart from Power, Water and Healthcare Projects to the tune of US$ 500 billion which are either proposed or underway.

Jeddah City

is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, the largest country and the biggest market among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

Situated on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, where the climate is moderated by the Red Sea, Jeddah is located at the heart of the region, positioning the city as the main center of commerce in the Middle East and North Africa with all of its capitals within two hours flying distance.

A modern city of more than three million people, Jeddah stretches along the shores of the Red Sea with a palm fringed corniche road bordered by villas, palaces, hotels and beach resorts and extends inland towards the mountains that form a backdrop to the city. Jeddah is a wealthy, thriving cosmopolitan city with every luxury, and world class facilities.

Businessmen and investors, big and small, will find everything they need to operate successfully and can be assured of friendly cooperation and assistance from the related government authorities.